Join or create a game in your area from our homepage, make sure your e-wallet is loaded before trying to include yourself in the squad list.

You can leave the game with the leave match option without incurring a penalty provided there are substitutes available. Refer to cancellation policy.

It is encouraged that you reach 15 minutes before kick-off.

If you are on the home page and the list is empty, make sure you have your location settings set up correctly. Maidan displays games in a radius of your location, so if your location is not set up properly you will not be able to see any games.

Yes, anyone can become an organizer by clicking the create match button in the navigation bar.

You can see the upcoming matches on your homepage/ feed.

At Maidan, we pride ourselves on well-organised games, respect and fair play! Any aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated and will be reported. Any aggressive/abusive users may be banned from our community.

Player with the highest rating is awarded the MOTM, The number of accolades collected start reflecting on your profile.

If the teams are already fully occupied, you have the option to add yourself in the reserves list. You can add yourself to the line up If any slot opens up.

For the first few months, you can pay cash at the venue.

To create a new match, you need to fill in the time slot, the venue and the date. You also need to select the format of the game for e.g 5v5 or 7v7 etc.

Notify the game organizer and sort out the teaming amongst yourself or on the match wall.

This is down to the Game Organiser to decide if the game will go ahead or not. He/She can either open the match and pick up players from our app or he can go ahead with the existing number of players. The organizer also has the option to cancel the match but consequently it might lead to a penalty being incurred. Please refer to our cancelation policy for further clarity.

💸 💳 You will be charged for the ground fee per person and a service charge for using the Maidan app.

(refer to the cancellation policy). You are entitled to a full refund if the venue or for some reason Maidan cancels your booking.

Online payment is the best way for Game Organisers and arenas to avoid cancellations.

  • If a player tries to join a match but does not have sufficient credits in his e-wallet, he/she will be redirected to the payments page where they can top up.
  • You can top up via Easy Paisa, Jazz Cash, and bank transfers.
  • The credit will instantly start reflecting in your wallet for you to join your desired game.

Organising a football game can be difficult, and sometimes the costs can add up. Collecting payments prior to the game can help in a number of different ways:

  • It can help reduce no-shows since players are more likely to show up if they have already paid and therefore contributes to a better-quality game.
  • The venue you are playing at feels secured in terms of payment and is less likely to mess up your booking.

We have implemented a fixed amount that users can top up to, Rs. 500, 1000, 2500 and 5000. You can top up your account by pressing on the profile icon on the top right and going to the payments page. 

You can see full history of your transactions and balance in the ledger/payments on your profile / Wallet on the Mobile App.

Your profile picture is not mandatory, however it is always useful to have a clear, recent image of yourself so people can recognise you at the game.

Reach out to us on our social media or business number so that we can add your venue to our partners list. That way, you will be able to play and engage with users in your preferred ground on the app.

After you have played your match, a portal pops up on your Maidan app that lets you rate the venue depending on the amenities provided. You can also choose to skip this part.

Yes, your email is editable. Just press the profile icon on the top right of the screen and go to account settings.

You are required to have a username to sign up for the app. It also allows other users to identify you.

Just press the profile icon on the top right of the screen and go to account settings.

Just press the profile icon on the top right of the screen and go to account settings.

Maidan allows you to change your invite only match to an open match (open to the public) if for any reason you’re short of players. This way other interested users will be able to join your match and fill in the remaining spots.

Once you have created a match, an option to cancel will be given in the centre of the match screen. Please keep in mind that a fee deduction will be applied for last minute cancelations. Kindly refer to our cancelation policy for further details.

The organizer can choose to pay the entire booking fee and collect cash at the game, Or just enrol themselves in the list and collect cash at the ground from all users.

Match organizers can edit his/her game through the edit button provided under the organized game tab on the home page.

The organiser will be given the option to kick a player out of the line up. Although we do encourage including everyone. This feature will be enabled in case someone has joined a different match or line up.

If you’re frequently facing a shortage of players for your match, try making the match open for public so everyone on the app has a chance to join.

After the match the organiser will be able to mark someone who did not make it to the game as No-show.

The organiser can input scoreline and goal scorers after the match has been played.

Sign up using a valid phone number, you will need this number to receive otp and to sign in.

Yes, you will be provided an OTP to verify your identity and for security reasons.

We operate in every city where we currently organize games, we organize every single day at different fields and times. The timings of our services are dependent on the timings of the grounds.

We currently organize 5v5, 7v7 and 11v11. Although the organiser can choose how many players to invite to the match.

It depends on the number of players signing up and the format of the game. It also depends on the price of the venue and slot duration.

The price covers the venue/ground fee along with the service fee for using our app.

Although we are encouraging and moving towards cashless transactions, cash payments will be allowed in the first 3 months of the app launch. Easy Paisa, Jazz Cash and Bank Transfers will be accepted as an electronic mode of payment.

You may leave your current game and join another game keeping in mind our cancelation policy to avoid deductions from your wallet. Please refer to our cancellation policy.

You may share the link on any platform to invite your friends.

If the pitch you have booked in waterlogged and the ground manager cancels the booking, you are entitled to a full refund.